Poetry Snippet: 5

Image from Pexels — Kat Smith

“I had so much to confess.
That I rambled when I got the chance.

She knew me with so much finesse.
That I felt relieved hearing her stance.

..She said she liked me for who I am.”



Poetry Snippet: 4

Image from Pexels — Wayne Speedy

“There may be 4000 miles between us.
But why does talking to you feel like we’re only 4 heartbeats away?

If there was a mirror on the moon, my reflection would be gazing at you, trying to convey…”



Poetry Snippet: 2

Image from Pexels — S Migaj

“Know that there is someone miles away.

Who wishes no harm comes your way.

He is grateful for you being the inspiration.

For igniting in him, the poetic illumination.”



Poetry Snippet: 1

Image from Pexels — Noelle Otto

“Through her enticing wide eyes, she painted the spectrum of her imagination.

The charisma infused by her art and vibration, caught the strange wanderer’s fascination.”