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Converting ideas into words.

When you are born to a natural extrovert couple, the inherent expectation from the progeny is that they will show similar social character.

I was a 7-year-old kid who loved playing cricket with the neighbour kids and watching cartoons. I was dressed and taken to a gathering which had almost every close relatives present. I could sense some of the middle-aged aunts judging me nine ways to Sunday with a 0.05 seconds glance from my head to toe. The dominant feeling was repulsion rather than an interest to socialize.

The “social norm”, as per my parents, was that I needed…

Intuit, the US-based global financial software firm, estimated around 78% of Small businesses to adopt Cloud Modernization in 2020. The core of this Cloud technology adoption is centred around the enterprise’s financial management.

If you are a small business firm looking to boost your accounting and bookkeeping exercise efficiency, then Cloud Accounting can come to your rescue.

In this article, we will glance into what Cloud Accounting is and the key value propositions that businesses can leverage out of it. So, let’s get started.

What Is Cloud Accounting

Small-scale businesses often encounter multiple challenges involved with their legacy bookkeeping systems, such as:

  • Unwanted wastage…

To own the trust of a close one is a feeling like no other.

“It’s the last training session for the day. I think I’ll sit in the back row and doz off,” thought Jim as he sneaked to the back of the lecture hall. He sat in a secluded corner and, as he turned left, he noticed some impressive doodles being created next to him.

The jet-black hair of the artist was covering half of the picture she was drawing. He gently moved a few of her long hair strands to admire the entirety of the creative piece.

“Hey, who are you?” Jane was surprised when Jim touched her hair. “Sorry, I happened…

The year was 2014. The month was April. The much-awaited finale season of “How I Met Your Mother” was airing all over.

Arjun and Laila were final year Arts students. Despite secretly stalking each other on innumerable occasions during those three years and a few group assignments apart, there were hardly any personal interactions between them.

Introversion was the culprit here, blocking the arrow of cupid. But you never know what’s around the corner.

The heat of the Final semester exams was underway. …

Sometimes hesitancy gets in the way of human relations

“Amy reminds me of a distant cousin of mine. Her eyes look heavenly, and she sparks radiance.” Jake was talking to himself while admiring Amy, who was sitting at a nearby table in the public library. They both knew each other through mutual friends and were book club members.

Jake was a talented and upcoming children’s short story writer who was selling copies like hotcakes. Amy, as a coincidence, was reading one of Jake’s recent books on child psychology, and she was already a fan of the author.

One fine Tuesday…

Dogs aren’t the only beings on earth that possess Unconditional Love.

Tulasidas returned around midnight after his daily ordeal at the coal mines. While his wife was fast asleep, Vasu, his son, greeted him with a tight hug. He couldn’t control his affection for his hero.

“Don’t you have school tomorrow, son? Why are you still up?” Tulasi complained.

“I will lie down now, but I have a question. How much do you earn for working so hard, Pa?” Vasu enquired as he yawned.

“50 Rupees an hour, son.”

“Mm..Can you lend me 20 Rupees, Pa? Please?”

“How dare you…

Sometimes a few short conversations are all it takes for the cocoon of acquaintance to attain metamorphosis into the winged beauty of friendship.

Payal and Rahul were upcoming writers making baby steps into the world of Freelancing. The world of Social Media was up for grabs in these testing times of global health catastrophe. By chance or through mutual contacts, they got connected to each other’s online social networks.

The first impression was mutual respect, eagerness to learn from one another, and progress in their path. …

We all have some characteristic qualities which we consciously try to push away. They make us feel embarrassed, dejected, and inferior. It could be jealousy, procrastination, anger, apathy, addiction or something else.

This "dark side" of yours is, after all, a part of who you are. How can you run away from something that is inside you?

When light falls on any object, a shadow gets formed. Be kind to your shadow.

Silence can be a powerful tool if one knows how to use it right. Take some time to look at yourself in the mirror. Shut away all the…

The search for answers ends when you realize that it was always there inside you.

Now that I’ve got your undivided attention, let me ask you if you’ve heard/read the following statement:

“Success lies outside your comfort zone.”

Is it, really?

Image by Julian Jagtenberg — Pexels

Well, most of us would’ve come across this cliche quote way too often. Set a target. Prepare a checklist. Follow it like a trained robot. And, “Eureka!” success is assumed to present itself before you.

Wait! Hold on for a moment.

Before you go helter-skelter with this Himalayan planning, spend a minute of your time to think, “Is this what I really want to do? Does this make me happy?”

Habits alone do not…

There are Men. Then, there are Real Men.

Image Courtesy — Pexels

Dedicating this piece to all the brave and resilient women out there battling innumerable hardships beyond our imagination.

We recognize you have goals, motivations, and direction. A Real Man will never feel intimidated by a strong woman who is a go-getter.

Personality outweighs looks. He will value your character, charisma, kindness, and consideration above physical looks.

He will never fail to treat you with the respect you deserve and ensure you never feel uncomfortable to the best of his capability. All he expects is quid pro quo.

Real men appreciate the beauty of being authentic. They will never force you…

Sidharth Sathish

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