Can Spirituality and Religion Coexist in You?

How Can You Be Spiritual and Religious At The Same Time?

If you’re a religious person, you would know that there is no single pathway that lets you know/understand God. Let’s look at some of the actions you can take for being both Religious and Spiritual.

1. Reading Religious Books

Books that profess religion have a deep level of spiritual content in them. Attempt to read one or more such books from religions, whichever you are comfortable with.

2. Accept That God’s Presence Is Everywhere

God or a supernatural entity whose level of existence supersedes that of the mortal human beings is a common point in religion and spiritual practices. That entity adds a flavor of divine and cosmic traits to both.

3. Incorporate Meditation In Your Lifestyle

Both the concepts in the discussion here endeavor the practitioner to achieve a deeper level of self-awareness. The religious texts and spiritual leaders delve deeper into the philosophies of life in their search for meaning and purpose of living. This quest allows us to realize the significance of thriving each moment to the fullest. And what is the best lifestyle choice to achieve this mental state of enlightenment and awareness?

Spiritual Meditation and its benefits

Let’s look into a mindfulness experience that strips you of all the existing perceptions about yourself and your world. A process, when followed religiously, culminates in harmony, happiness, and peace.

  • It calms down your nervous system and eliminates the inherent stress
  • It helps you come to terms with your past and makes you live in the moment
  • Enables to achieve a higher level of self-consciousness

4. Finding Time For Doing What You like

Once you have learned the fundamental principles of religion and spirituality (Check out the top spirituality books for beginners if you’re new to this field), be bold enough to embrace what you like.

Why Is It Necessary For Religion and Spirituality To Coexist?

Over the years, the authenticity and purity of religious traditions have been diluted to an enormous extent. Humankind has exploited these concepts by bending and omitting a lot of its humane essence and focusing on the differences. They have used the name of these disparities to conquer the land, people, properties, and whatnot. The motive of these manipulators was always found to be a form of selfishness and politics.

The Drawback of Being Exclusively Spiritual

One of the main reasons behind the establishment of religion years ago was to set up an intelligent design where people lived within imaginary moral boundaries of right and wrong. Similar beliefs bring people together and encourage them to perform selfless acts for the betterment of the society they live in. The existence of God made man fearful of sinning and committing atrocities towards a fellow member.

Sustaining A World Of Coexistence

Spirituality and religion involve forming a connection with a higher entity (or God) that stands at an existential level way above the human kind’s one. You achieve self-improvement when you come to terms with this idea. You accept that neither of these concepts is mutually exclusive.



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