Can You Fly With E-Bike Batteries?

Sidharth Sathish
5 min readJan 30, 2022


Ever experienced cycling along scenic routes with lush green landscapes on either of the roads amidst the pristine and spectacular architectural marvels? What if the cycle is electrically-powered while moving at a pace complementing your pedaling power?

E-Bike on Scenic Location

The picture that came into your imagination right now is the one you can witness while going for an Electric Bike (E-Bike) tour across the gorgeous terrain of Burgundy, France. In the land of food and wine and vineyards that offer a visual spectacle, E-Bikes, with their on-demand power, make things easier for you.

[Vineyard Road ideal for E-Bike ride]

If you’re on a honeymoon with your beloved or if you’ve come with the whole family, E-Bike rides can be the ideal option.

Whether the itinerary is for exploring spectacular pathways or for the energizing rush of adrenaline, an E-Bike tour is a must-have item. This objective makes transporting your E-Bike along with your other luggage a prerequisite. Are there any complications or precautions to consider while doing that? Let’s find out.

Can E-Bikes Be Taken On A Plane?

Things are easy when you can reach your E-Biking tour destination via road or water. But the real trouble lies when you need to take the aerial route. The battery of your ride plays the villain’s role here.

Strict regulatory controls are in place for many popular carriers across the globe when it comes to battery matters (for both checked-in and carry-on baggage). This aspect makes it necessary for E-Bike enthusiasts to know the safety protocols applicable while flying with E-Bikes. Let’ look at the parameters you must be aware of.

Battery Fundamentals

The three basic measurements of your E-bike’s battery are Watts, Amp-hours, and Volts. The Watt-hour rating of most brands of batteries is imprinted on the sides. If you don’t see the rating there, you can calculate the same by multiplying the battery’s volts with amp-hours.

For example, a 48 Volts E-Bike with an Amp-hour rating of 10 will have a Watt-hour of 480 Wh. Ensure that your E-Bike’s Wh rating is below the upper limit mentioned by your airlines. The US Department of Transportation provides guidelines on battery considerations based on the energy rating and size.

The question then arises — “What if your E-Bike’s battery ratings fail to meet the airline’s criteria? Does that mean saying goodbye to that dream E-Bike tour in the scenic landscapes of Europe?

Worry not! Let’s look at some alternative mechanisms you can employ.

Workarounds For Seamless Battery Movement

Splitting The Battery Into Smaller Ones

Check if you can carry smaller batteries on the plane and then reassemble them in a series or parallel fashion once you arrive at the destination. The Ligo Battery is a model where the user can connect smaller batteries.

Despite being a costly option, this investment gives you the advantage of reusing these batteries at a later stage. Ensure the voltage ratings of the battery modules are compatible with your E-Bike before making the purchase.


Technological advancements in the battery market have led to the creation of LiFePo batteries that are flight-friendly in countries like the US. Their lower operating voltage and design stability make them more acceptable by regulatory authorities. Neat, isn’t it?

Alternate Mode Of Transportation

If you can take the roadway or waterway to reach your destination, that would be the most practical option. For instance, there are no battery restrictions if you’re transporting the bike via a ferry or a ship.

If the travel distance is enormous, this option can delay your schedule. On the bright side, however, it will help you get rid of all the hassles associated with flying with E-Bike batteries. A decent trade-off, don’t you think?

Battery Renting At The Destination

Before you get into your flight, do some homework and see if there are authorized E-Bike battery lenders at your travel destination. If you’re flying to a popular E-Biking destination, then your chances of getting rented batteries there is high.

And finally, when you arrive at your dream E-Biking destination will all necessary components intact, savor the solo or group cyclist travel. Glide along the hidden alleyways, lush green farms, and feel that early morning sun kissing on your arms and face.

You can never experience the heightened senses — the smell of the roses, the sound of the wind whistling through the trees, and that uneven contour beneath your feet if you travel on a tourist bus. The E-Bike is your friend to connect with nature’s authentic side.

Soak in the ambiance with your E-Bike and your loved ones by your side. The tad bit of difficulty transporting the battery along will be totally worth it when you make it to the destination.

Let’s conclude this article by listing some of the must-visit locations for E-Bike lovers:

  • Azores, Portugal— cycle along the lakes and volcanoes
  • Bhutan— an E-Biking rendezvous through mystical fortresses and monasteries
  • Italy — the ride of renaissance
  • Burgundy, France— traverse through the lush green and the purple vineyards

So, what’s keeping you from planning your next E-Biking tour and creating moments to cherish for a lifetime?