The Myth of Writer’s Block

If you think it’s a disease, think again!

Photo by Mael Balland — Pexels

Write and Keep Writing

Your words need not be aimed to touch the thresholds of perfection. It need not make sense. Just let your letters move during this challenging time. Give yourself a chance to win over the mind block.

Start Fresh

Is your current work stuck in a crisis? Why not try writing a short story. A little personal experience. An article. A poem. Forcing yourself to continue doing something that brings you pressure does NO good.


Suppose the Writer’s Block lingers on and affects other aspects of your life. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Is writing actually my thing?” Just because you think that writing is cool, writers are creative does not mean it is your bread and butter. Not everyone is gifted equally in articulating ideas into words. Seek your true purpose and calling.

Break the Monotony

The significance of this point cannot be stressed enough! Spending your time predominantly on a single activity like writing can take a critical toll on your mind and well-being. Get out of the rut and try exploring other pleasures of life. Travel. Workout. Read a book. Watch a good movie. Do a part-time job.



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